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Foot and Body Massage Therapy Therapists Eugene, Oregon
Welcome to Footloose Massage Center!


Eugene's premier therapeutic massage therapy center conveniently located in downtown Eugene, Oregon. Come relax in an old world atmosphere and experience the healing benefits of a full body massage, foot massage/reflexology and therapeutic foot treatments.
Footloose’s Massage Therapists are the best professionals in the area!

We specialize in:

Foot Massage / Reflexology

Full Body Massage

Therapeutic Foot Treatments

Group Massage

Corporate Chair Massage

Foot Soak, Foot Massage, Full Body Massage at Footloose Massage Center

Why We Love the Feet So Much!

The feet have over 7000 nerve endings, which make them quite sensitive. Because of their sensitivity, the feet are very responsive to touch and pressure.

By applying skilled touch and pressure to the feet, the nervous system signals the body to respond in a healthy manner. This brings about a decrease in tension throughout the entire body. Therapeutic touch also causes the release of certain chemicals into the system that have a positive effect on the immune system and on the reduction of pain.

Drawing on the philosophy of reflexology which states that there are points in the feet that correspond to the different systems of the body, we believe that time spent on the feet is an important part of your pro-active health plan.

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A Landmark Study

Oregon Research Institute (ORI) of Eugene, Oregon has recently conducted a pilot study, which tested the results of what they called “cobblestone mat walking” on 48 individuals. This study was, “rooted in traditional Chinese holistic medicine and principles of reflexology...”

The study replicated a Chinese exercise called, “stone stepping,” which is popular in China. Stone stepping is performed by walking along a cobblestone pathway barefooted. Stone stepping stimulates “acupoints” in the soles of the feet, which influences the body through pressure.

ORI wanted to know what benefits stone stepping could have on our health. The study found significant improvements in blood pressure, pain levels and the mental and physical well being of the 48 individuals studied.